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Luke Campaigns for El Rey Fido 2008

Luke, the Labrador, a natural as hotel's canine concierge.. and as El Rey Fido!

Meet Luke Tips, Our Hotel Dog Concierge - The Fairmount Hotel - Historic Luxury Downtown San Antonio Hotel

Luke is busy campaigning all over San Antonio for El Rey Fido 2008
Vote for Luke NOW!

Luke has been all over San Antonio campaigning for the job of El Rey Fido, and hopes you will support him. He loves his human companions and campaign helpers, but wants to tell you his own story:

Hi, my name is Luke.

Back in 2005, I was a scruffy, starving street dog who ended up at the city pound, Seems I was in pretty bad shape, having heartworms and lots of other doggy medical woes. Little did I know that a promised trip down the hall for treats and a movie (101 Dalmatians) was really "lights out time".

Fortunately, before Cruella De Ville could have her way with me, I was spotted by the sister-in-law and niece of The Fairmount Hotel's owner. Lucky for me they looked past my forlorn look, and fell in love my gentle, jowly face and sweet-natured disposition, which more accurately reflects my true nature.

I never did see the movie that day, but I was taken from there to The Fairmount where lots of folks gave me lots of attention, and I was able to get the medical help I needed to get back to my old self. I liked it enough that I interviewed them for the job of "owner". Like any good interviewer, I let them do most of the talking. I liked what I heard and gave them the job, and I must say that it's been great for all of us.

After awhile just laying around the hotel lobby, I decided to pitch in and help. It wasn't long before my abilities were noticed and I started climbing the corporate ladder. Soon I was meeting and greeting all the guests as they arrived, taking walks with them, and letting them get some exercise by scratching me. I now have the official title of Pet Relations Director for the Fairmount Hotel and I'm the only canine concierge in all of downtown San Antonio!

Having now met thousands of folks, and after being told the truth about what was about to happen to me back at the pound (yikes!), I've developed a desire to help all my other canine brothers and sisters out there without homes.


Having worked in the public now for some time, and having a rather high public profile as a result of many newspaper and other media articles, I feel uniquely qualified for the job of Rey Fido 2008. I'll be very comfortable riding on floats in parades, I'm big enough to look regal (109 pounds!), I'm great at shaking hands, and I'm working on waving. I know I can do a lot to increase awareness of the needs of countless other animals and look forward to the opportunity of working with the Humane Society and the community in doing so.

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. v

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! And if you're interested in having Luke appear at one of your events, call The Fairmount at (210) 224-8800 and ask for Kristin Howsley.

After you've donated to the cause, don't forget to forward the link to my page to a friend!


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